eBay Customer Service Phone Number 1-800: ebay customer service is basically a service provided to the customers by the employees hired by the firm specially for handling different types of customers with their different problems, all these employees are hired by the multinational firm Ebay. Ebay is basically a multinational website which deals online it basically deals with B2B i.e business to business and B2C i.e business to customer. Ebay was founded by Pierre omidyar in the year 1995 and today it is billion dollar business spread across 30 countries. Few years back the company started an online auction on which many business men and customer and this online auction led to the huge popularity of the firm and  we can say that these auctions conducted by ebay led to a global recognition of the brand itself .

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Call – 1800 209 3229


  24* 7 Support

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Wait Time 2-5 mins

eBay Customer Service Phone Number

So here at ebay you can display your products at an international level but for this the seller has to pay a fees to the firm as their products are listed on their website  ebay. If you are interested in putting up your products on the website make sure you contact the ebay customer service number. Due to such a great reputation ebay has earned some mind blowing profits in the last decade in the year 2011 ebay reported that it has seen a growth of close to 30% and has a net revenue of close to 570 million$. So in order to control such a big billion dollar business a firm like ebay needs a very strong customer support so in order to get that support ebay pays a lot of attention and money to its customer service providers.

ebay customer service number

In order to get some assistance from the ebay customer support you can directly chat with the award winning customer and that is one the best way of solving one’s query , second best way of solving one’s problem is sending an email to the support service and the service provider but before mailing them you have to select the most relevant option  will assist you as soon as possible , third best is calling in order to call on ebay customer support number you can call the service provider any time but in order to get the best assistance one should first select the most relevant option and then click on call us after a moment you will receive an code number and then you can contact the  between 9:00 to 7:30 PM 7 days a week but before buying any kind of stuff form ebay on should keep in mind that many prohibited products are not sold on ebay for example tobacco, drugs, fire arms, human body organs, used sex toys etc so one should keep in mind before buying all this stuff and if you are still not satisfied with the customer service or still have a question feel free to contact on eBay customer service phone number.

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