Apple Customer Service Phone Number: Apple care is a brand name of apple which is known for their technical support plans and warranty for their products such as iPhone, laptops etc . On average apple products have a warranty of a one single year which includes 3 months of technical support service? If the customer wants an extension in there warranty period which will increase their area under coverage after buying a plan from apple customer care. This apple care plan is applicable on many apple products such as iMac , iPhone , IPad , apple watches  and apple TV. Plans of apple care are included with the software of apple which is connected with covered hardware . All Apple Customers, if required can buy additional services such as training through call on apple customer service number and getting some additional services.

apple customer service phone number


Contact Apple Customer Service – Support Number

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Apple customer support

Each and every apple  products which has come out in the market has come with a warranty and technical support period whether it is an iPad , iPhone , tablet etc they all come in a warranty ,but the apple plan service gives you an outstanding feature which extends your service coverage at a single stop itself and the best part is that you can directly talk to the customer service expert which makes the chances of you getting a better service a lot higher because now you are directly dealing with the expert . As most of us are aware of the fact that warranty and technical support only lasts with the apple products which are bought from there licensed seller only even if a small part of the product is bought from a non licensed seller then you will not be able to get any customer service advantage provided by apple care.

iPhone Customer Service Toll Free Customer Service Number

 The apple protection care is also only sold by its authorized sellers this service is provided as an add on service with any apple hardware including accessories till the date the original apple warranty is there but in some territories this service should be purchased within the 60 days of purchase of any kind of  apple hardware . as mentioned above most of the apple hardware products such as iPhone , iPad etc have a warranty and technical support of 90 days but as soon you purchase the Apple Care Protection Plan this warranty increases from 3 months to 3 years. YES you heard it right 3 years, amazing it is right? On the other hand if you purchase an iPod or any other IOS Device if you again apply for apple care protection plan its give you an amazing warranty and technical support of 2 years the warranty can also be extended to one more year but this highly depends upon model to model of the device. In simple and sorted language apple provides 3 year warranty to Mac or Apple displays and two years for iPads, iPhone, iPod or Apple TV devices. You can contact apple customer support for further assistance!! click here or directly contact apple customer service. For further assistance don’t hesitate to contact apple customer support number.

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