PayPal Service Phone Number – Customer Support: PayPal Service Phone Number – As we all know that PayPal is a world known online payment company which supports online payment is the source of making payments to others. This system of making online payments is now extremely popular in more than 50 countries including the big countries like USA, UK and China etc. PayPal is close to 197 million users in whole and it has allowed its customers to send and receive more than 25 currencies and in between the year 2009 and 2016. PayPal allowed its customers to set a student account in which they can transfer money from their debit and credit cards it basically was a initiative that PayPal have to the people so that they should know how to use money wisely. In the year 2016 students account was disabled. As we all know that smart phones are in trend so PayPal also recognized this fact and it introduced its app on Google play store and IOS store and you can use the app to make the payments. The best part is that on the day of black Friday the rate of mobile payments increased by 538% in the year 2011 as compared to 2010.

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Call – 1800 212 3852


  24* 7 Support

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Wait Time 2-5 mins


PayPal Customer Service Telephone Number

The app that was launched in 2011 was now updated in the year 2013 in which this app informed its users that which nearby local shop such as cafe, restaurants accept PayPal as a mode payment and this also led to increment and popularity in the usage of PayPal as a mode of payment.

PayPal Service Phone Number

Soon PayPal was recognized as the world known system of online payments. Using PayPal is an extremely useful gesture these days as it firstly allows us to promote the usage of technology and secondly it can be converted into more than 25 different currencies. So this is how we can say that using PayPal as a mode of payment these days for the ones who travel is an extremely useful option. As mentioned above PayPal has more its users in more than 50 countries. So In order to deal with such a huge number PayPal has a set a group of trained professionals who handle the toughest of the situation. This group of support staff is known as PayPal customer service there are different ways in which one can contact the customer service one of the way is calling. Calling on PayPal customer service number can be said as one of the most useful and easiest way of solving ones problems as you are in a direct contact with the customer. In this way we can directly assist the customer and help them in the most efficient way.


PayPal Customer Care Phone Number

According to one survey more than 70% of the users tend to call on PayPal customer care phone number in order to resolve their issues. Second most used way of is the chat support. In order to get some support the customer can directly chat and resolve their issues but one drawback of this customer service is that the support staff is not directly present over there. So the giving the best assistance over there is not possible at all times. But PayPal customer care works very hard in order to solve any kind of assistance issues. Third way is the video chat in which the customer can click on the link and chat with the executive present over there and get the best support possible. Some of the few more ways are the forums and email facility. We can say that these two ways are the ways which the customer can get support with the minimum use of support staff. But at the end in order to solve your PayPal issues you should prefer to contact PayPal Service Phone Number and expect the best results out of it.

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