PayPal Customer Service Number 1800 – PayPal Support: PayPal is an American based company which has introduced a new way of electronic money which is known as PayPal money this type of money is also known as electronic money. This type of money can also be used in place of original form of money that is cash and checks. PayPal was basically established in 1998 and then it became a subsidiary of eBay. In this era of internet in the year 2014 PayPal gave some mind blowing stats as it helped to move 228 billion dollars in more than 30 countries. PayPal earned a revenue of close of 8 billion dollars that year which is basically a close to 45% of total revenue which was earned by eBay in the year 2014. In the year 2002 eBay took a revolutionary step by taking over PayPal for a wholesome amount of 1.2 billion dollars and more than ¾ products that were on sale on eBay were accepting PayPal. As we all know that PayPal has grown a lot over these years and it has made a good name in the market in the form of electronic money.

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Call – 1800 212 3852


  24* 7 Support

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Wait Time 2-5 mins

PayPal Customer Service Phone Number 1800

So just imagine that if you have a very big brand name and your services are been used by lots and lots of users in the market then it is pretty obvious that those customer will face some problems.

paypal customer service number

So in order to solve their problems big companies like PayPal hire lots and lots of customer support professionals In order to work smoothly. In order to work smoothly PayPal trains its customer staff with utmost resources, firstly they focus on their speaking skills. Most of the customers out there firstly prefer to call on PayPal customer service number and get assistance. Most of the people call directly on PayPal customer service phone number as calling he support staff directly gives the highest chances that your problem will be solved. Second is the home page , as soon as you go on PayPal customer service home page you will find that some common questions have been asked on the that page .

PayPal Customer Care Number Toll Free

We highly recommend our customers to check that page out as 80% times most of the questions which have been asked have a there answers over there itself. Third and the newest way of tacking problems on PayPal is the live chat support on this you can directly go on the official website and connect to the executive that is present over there at all time. The best part about this type of technical support is that as we all know that PayPal is used in more than 190 countries and the executive staff has to work very hard in order to assist in all sought of ways. In PayPal we are totally committed to our customers and staff at PayPal work tirelessly in order to make your life easier, If you are still not satisfied with the customer support you can directly email PayPal and they will assist you as shortly as possible. So if you are still not satisfied or the email is unresponsive then you can directly call on PayPal customer care number and we can assure you that you will get the answers of all your problems whether it is regarding to your account and payment issues.

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