Netflix Customer Service Phone Number – Customer Support: Netflix is an American entertainment multinational company which was founded by Reed Hastings in the year 1997. Earlier Netflix has specialized into making video on demand and live streaming of video. Few years back Netflix also expanded its arms into some fields such as television production line and films. Earlier the main focus of Netflix was on sales Of DVD and giving them on rent too. Then in the year 2007 Netflix took a revolutionary step by starting live streaming of videos and they also retained their first two qualities that are streaming of videos and  making video on demand this revolutionary step led to immense increase in the number of Netflix subscribers and ultimately thus led to Netflix being used in more than 190 countries. As the company was doing fairly good at a lower level in filming so they decided to do this on a next level as they started their own content production house from their own library and in the year 2016 Netflix was successful in distribution of 126 albums and this record hasn’t been touched till date. Some of these steps have really led to increment of Netflix and it has been successful in making close 100 million subscribers and more than 50% of its subscribers are from the United States of America itself.

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  24* 7 Support

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Wait Time 2-5 mins

Netflix Customer Support Phone Number

netflix customer service number

So in order to fulfill the demands of a more than a 100 million the Netflix customer care needs to work really hard in order to fulfill the demands of its customer. So firstly if you facing any problems on Netflix so just calm down and relax we have some efficient and effective ways for you by which you can easily solve your problems by simple contacting on Netflix customer service number. One can simply reach on official site of Netflix and fill a complaint form over there and Netflix will provide you  each and every assistance possible in the shortest span of time , If you are still facing a problem In solving your issues then you can directly call on Netflix customer care phone number and get the assistance from there and In this modern era on internet users Netflix has also launched an application on which you  can directly go and file your complaint/issue but for that you need to go and the play store and download it from there.

Netflix Telephone Care Phone Number

Some other options such as live chat support are also on trend plus they are also efficient as live chat support helps a customer to contact the Netflix customer care service anytime in 24 hours, by directly clicking on the link given on the official website one can directly chat with the support staff and get direct assistance from over there. Other way on contacting the customer service is the forums, it is a platform which provides a huge set of questions and answers and most of the time searching on forums is helpful. But still if you have not found answers of your questions feel free to contact on the award winning Netflix customer service mobile number and we can assure you that you will get the assistance which you expect from Netflix customer service. In the year 2008 Netflix started a partnership with Stars in order to increase their sales in films. By doing this partnership Netflix reached 2500 plus films and this also led to huge increment in its popularity and this is how till date Netflix has been hugely successful in creating a big American based multinational company.

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